Facebook vs Twitter which one is better in what aspect!

People say Facebook is for connecting with people in your society and Twitter is for connecting with people you wished to meet. While Facebook is a multipurpose social media website allowing you to post, chat, and play games, Twitter is all about posting small 140 character messages or as they are called “tweets”.

They surely are the two most famous social networks in the world but which one is better or which one you should be using.

Let’s find out.

First, start with the history of both because knowing the history of anything helps us decide better about that thing and what’s in harm if we’ll get to know a little history.

Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg along with his roommate in Feb 2005. It was at first expected for Harvard understudies, but in the end extended to incorporate other students at other colleges such as Boston Schools, Ivy League Colleges, and Stanford. The site continuously included help for different colleges, before likewise getting to be accessible to secondary school students. In September 2006, it ended up accessible to any person more than 13. On May seventeenth, 2012, the organization opened up to the world. It was evaluated at $104 billion. Facebook’s user base is as yet developing quickly.

Some History on Twitter

Twitter was founded on March 21st, 2006 by Jack Dorsey and was launched on July 5th, 2006. Twitter is fairly secretive about its number of users, but it had explosive growth between 2009 and 2011, with 2 million tweets a day in January 2009, 32 million tweets a day in January 2010, 90 million tweets a day in September 2010, and 200 million tweets a day in July 2011.

Now we know when it started and how it grew but why or for what reason people use both the platforms.

Facebook generally is used by people for various reasons. Mainly it’s used to connect with friends and family or reconnect with people whom they knew offline. Also, apart from messaging people can share their life events in the form of photos, videos and texts called “Posts” on their feed which will be shared with everyone in their friend list. Gaming is also available on Facebook where you can play multiplayer games and compete with your friends or you can play on the same side.

Word Limit

Twitter on the other side is all about 280 words, initially, it was about 140 words for almost 10 years. You can use these 280 words along with a photo or many photos and videos to share your story with your followers. Yes, Twitter doesn’t have friends but it got followers. It is mainly used to communicate with other people with similar interests, regardless of whether they know each other or not and other main use is to follow updates from celebrities.

We now also know for what should be using anyone of them but if you are online your privacy also matters. So, now let’s find out which platform cares more about your privacy on the internet.

Facebook Privacy

So, Facebook got a couple of options for maintaining your privacy. It allows users to select from a completely visible profile to one that is not even searchable except your friends. How to hack Instagram users which can change the privacy settings on each post, from the public, friends only, private, or custom.

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Twitter just got two viable options whether you can select public or private. In private your tweets will be only visible to your followers and in other cases, the whole world can see your tweet and give you alike. But, you can’t select a different privacy setting for individual tweets.

These security settings are fine but we all know both the platforms are victims of some huge data leaks. Last year, Facebook data of 6.8 million got leaked that included their messages also and do keep in mind that Facebook also reads your message and they know a lot about you than Twitter. But Twitter also doesn’t have clean hands, twitter has been accused of leaking data of about 3 million users.

So, one thing I can tell that your safety is not a thing on the internet whether a platform cares about it or not because at the end of the day someone smarter than them can steal it or these companies can sell it to anyone for their profits.

This article was to decide whose better Facebook or Twitter but frankly speaking I will suggest you stay away from both of them because it’s not that good any of them. You can use the offline social network of your real friends and just enjoy your life.

But as we want a conclusion, I think Facebook is better if connecting with friends is your priority and Twitter is best if you want to know more about the world and what’s happening in it.